The quarantine continues so it’s time for another Wellness Check. Today’s guest is Stewart McVicar who turned his suburban basement into an epic 2,300 square foot shrine to the Cubs that he’s dubbed Club 400. Listen here!

Stewart and Brad are kindred spirits of sorts, both throwing tons of huge parties and doing whatever they can to get as many people together to have a great time, usually centered around sporting events. Stewart’s passion and devotion are at another level though.

He talks about how he and his family are handling the quarantine, how long it took to build out the space, the Netflix show that featured Club 400, some of the cool memorabilia he’s got, the astounding amount of money he’s raised for various charities, hosting noteworthy folks like Tom Ricketts, Kerry Wood and others, how selling “We Got Wood” shirts in 1998 landed him in Cool County Jail, an epic “hiccup” he ran into when hosting Mark Grace, some of the dream guests he’s yet to host, what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine to end, and more.

Visit Club 400 online at