Quarantine drags on but here’s a Wellness Check to help you pass the time. This one is with Brad’s financial planner Meredith Tabbone. Listen here!

With most people stressed about their finances right now, we thought this would be a good time to get some insight from an expert.

Meredith talks about how she is personally handling the quarantine and the kinds of questions and concerns she’s hearing from her clients. We talked about some of the counterintuitive decisions people have to make in times like these and why it’s usually important to stick with a long-term plan rather than make decisions based solely on the immediate term.

She answered Brad’s most urgent question, which involves the purchase of a tiger. Meredith talked about some of the tough choices people can make now to ease their current financial burdens even a bit.

Meredith gave some advice on tools and resources available to help anyone get a better handle on their financial situation right now. She also shared her thoughts on credit cards, hard conversations, and maddening client situations. And she of course answered Brad’s question about what she’d sacrifice for the quarantine to be lifted as soon as possible.

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