Quarantine drags on so it’s time for another Wellness Check. Today’s is with Kevin Kaduk who after 12 years at Yahoo Sports was “laid off before it was cool” at the end of last year. Listen here!

While weighing his next opportunities, Kevin took on some freelance gigs and launched Midway Minute, a fun Chicago sports daily newsletter that’s worth checking out.

Brad and Kevin talk about how Kevin is hanging in there during the quarantine, the letters to the editor Kevin used to write to the Tribune while growing up in Bartlett, Kevin’s plans for his newsletter, Brad’s suggestions for driving traffic to the Midway Minute (athlete dick pics and hottest daughters of Hall of Famers), Kevin’s career path since graduating from UW-Madison, what it was like working with legendary sportswriters at the Kansas City Star in the early 2000s, how Kevin helped launch Nick Friedell’s illustrious career, The Heckler’s mixed review of Kevin’s book Wrigleyworld in 2005, whether Kevin would sacrifice his gorgeous head of hair for the quarantine to end soon, and much more. Subscribe to the Midway Minute and follow Kevin on Twitter.