Just like everyone else on the planet, the Cubs are staying in touch on Zoom. But the technology has proven to be easier for some than for others. 

“There are like 30 guys in the call and every single person is yelling, ‘Hey Rossy, it’s on the bottom left corner, just unmute yourself! Bottom left!” said Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo. “I tried texting him separately … I tried calling him … I shared my screen with him. He just couldn’t figure it out.”

“So yesterday we had our call, and without anyone saying anything, it just happened,” said Ross’s longtime battery mate Jon Lester. “For weeks we had been watching his mouth move but nothing coming out of it, we would try to guess what he was saying, we made a game out of it. When words finally came out, we thought it was Nov. 2, 2016 all over again.”

“When I heard his voice I started to cry,” said Javy Baez. “I’m not even lying, this has been rough and you gotta celebrate the little things.”

The Cubs will continue to keep in touch through Zoom and are all looking forward to being led by their fearless leader who now has a voice. 

David Ross was not available for comment as he has again forgotten how to use the unmute feature.