Flu or no flu, good odds or bad odds, Michael Jordan always found a way to win in the playoffs. Chris Paul shares a similar determination, but he’s just not quite accomplishing the same thing. 

“In some ways CP3 is the GOAT,” said LeBron James. “He has this uncanny ability to lose early in the playoffs. It’s like when you hit that crazy golf shot that isn’t really a good shot, but it was just crazy because it bounced off this and landed on that. And then you say, you couldn’t do that again if you tried. Chris Paul is able to hit that crazy shot over and over again. People say he can’t possibly lose in the first round again. But then there he goes, he is relentless.”

“I’ll find a way,” said NBA veteran Chris Paul. “Ever since I was a little kid, my dad just instilled this in me. I’m not going to let a global pandemic stop me from doing what I am best at.”