Quarantine enters day 1,930 so it’s time for another Wellness Check. Today’s is with Jon Greenberg from The Athletic. Listen here!

Jon got his start in sports journalism with an internship in 2000 and has worked for a handful of great places, including ESPN. He became a founding editor of The Athletic where he produces a ton of great and insightful content.

His dry sense of humor makes him a really good Twitter follow as well. Brad and Jon caught up shortly after Jon picked up a six-pack of beer thanks to curbside service near his home in the northern suburbs.

Brad and Jon talked about how the quarantine is impacting him and his job, how The Athletic is still cranking out great content despite a lack of live sports, the bizarre “I’m Keith Hernandez” pseudo-documentary that he seems mildly obsessed with, David Kaplan’s tattoos, the unique family atmosphere behind the scenes with the White Sox, the sad story of Ernie Banks, what Jon would sacrifice for the quarantine to end, and much more.

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