Quarantine drags on unfortunately but we’re here with another Wellness Check. Today’s guest is CBS-2 reporter and weekend anchor Jim Williams. Listen here!

Jim invited Brad on his weekend morning news show back in 2004 to talk about The Heckler. They’ve only met in person once or twice but have been active friends on social media.

Jim is well-regarded as a steady consummate professional and he reinforced that today with his patience after Brad completely screwed up his first attempt to record their 40-minute conversation which forced them to re-record the whole thing.

Brad and Jim talked about how he’s hanging in there while still working in the field and studio five days a week, the measures he and his wife have taken to protect themselves during the quarantine, how in some ways the quarantine has brought him closer to some of the most important people in his life, how he’s approaching social media during this time, his theory on why people blamed the media during the beginning of the pandemic, how he handles criticism when simply trying to present facts, and his interesting career timeline that includes a five-year stint as Mayor Daley’s press secretary.

He also gave Brad advice as he considers shaving his head, what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine and pandemic to come to an end soon, and what gives him hope when he covers and experiences tragedies.

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