Friday, June 14, 2024

NBA season or not, Chris Paul is still determined to lose in the first...

Flu or no flu, good odds or bad odds, Michael Jordan always found a way to win in the playoffs. Chris Paul shares a similar determination, but he’s just not quite accomplishing the same thing.

Report: Seattle Seahawks to be relocated to Oklahoma City by David Stern

Stern closed his remarks by stating, "No matter what happens, let's just say that the fair city of Seattle might want to think twice before they issue me a parking ticket in 2005 again."

Eddy Curry taking way too much credit for Miami’s championship

Ever since the Bulls selected him straight out of high school in the 2001 NBA Draft, people have been heavily scrutinizing Eddy Curry. After nine years in the league, many were beginning to wonder if he would ever be able to win a championship. That all changed last week as the Miami Heat's 14th man/South Beached Whale excitedly cheered from the bench as LeBron James and Co. blew out the Oklahoma City Thunder to clinch the franchise's second title.

Heat haters blame refs for all the free throws OKC missed Sunday night

"First the refs were giving Dwyane Wade and LeBron James all the calls," said Michael Stenson, a Heat-hating NBA fan from Minnesota. "But then they found some way to force OKC to shoot only 60 percent from the line. It's complete crap."

Oklahoma City enthralled by new ‘Super Bowl of bouncing football’

When Kevin Durant and the Seattle Super Sonics rolled into town in 2009, many Oklahoma citizens felt threatened by a franchise entering the city of 23,000 people. However, with the NBA Finals now in full tilt, the people of Oklahoma City are excited by this foreign sport that doesn't involve a football.

Mark Cuban buys 51% stake in Oklahoma City Thunder

Mark Cuban was so upset that his defending champion Dallas Mavericks were swept out of the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder that he bought a majority ownership stake in the franchise.