The city of Seattle had their Super Bowl championship celebration cut short today with the release of a report claiming that former NBA Commissioner David Stern has recently taken a position in the NFL Commissioner’s office to facilitate the moving of the Seattle Seahawks to Oklahoma City starting in the 2014 NFL season.

Seattle residents, who were celebrating their first championship in a major professional sports league since the Seattle SuperSonics won the 1979 NBA title before becoming the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008, have expressed outrage and confusion over this unprecedented move, which marks the first time a Super Bowl champion changed cities immediately after winning a title.

When reached for comment, Stern told reporters, “I cannot confirm nor deny these rumors at this time, other than to say that a very strong group of investors from the state of Oklahoma have erected a state of the art stadium that would definitely facilitate a professional football franchise that, if they were to move from Seattle, would probably be named the Oklahoma City Lightning. But, that’s just conjecture.”

Stern closed his remarks by stating, “No matter what happens, let’s just say that the fair city of Seattle might want to think twice before they issue me a parking ticket in 2005 again.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith