Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Russell Wilson switches to Allstate after loss to Aaron Rodgers

After losing to State Farm spokesperson Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson couldn't stand to support the insurance company, and proceeded to switch over to Allstate.

Marshawn Lynch says nothing but ’You know why I’m here’ over and over about...

Marshawn Lynch gave an in-depth interview Thursday about his return to the Seahawks, saying nothing but “You know why I'm here” over and over.

Josh Gordon: Athlete or drug-lete?

“A good smoke outweighs anything right? I mean I'm in the NFL making millions of dollars, but screw it! I'll get high and ruin my image as a person! Illegal substances banned by the NFL can't hurt either!" - Sincerely, Josh Gordon's brain

Richard Sherman named first-ever NFL Player-Referee

“It’s true I know the rules better than anyone and can play-ref this game blindfolded,” claims Sherman. “Unfortunately, I also see this as an opportunity for the league to suspend or fine me double every week.”

Facebook to charge users $1 million per post during Super Bowl

"We live in a dynamic media world comprised of digital and traditional channels," said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. "If NBC is going to charge $4.5 million per Super Bowl commercial while everybody in America is busy playing on Facebook, we feel it's time to monetize what the big blue thumb brings to the big game."

Belichick suspended for Super Bowl Pregame Show

"Bill will not be allowed to participate in any aspect of the 5-hour program. No interviews. No canned speeches in the locker room. Nothing," said commissioner Roger Goodell. "With this punishment, we can finally put the whole scandal behind us and remind people this is a game filled with integrity, presented by Mercedes and Bud Light."

Super Bowl XLIX Commercial Bingo

It's not just the biggest sporting event of 2015. Super Bowl XLIX is also the most important advertising day of the year, when the world's most noteworthy brands unveil their best commercials. Thanks to this handy bingo board, you can play (or drink) along as the ads are unveiled.