“A good smoke outweighs anything right? I mean I’m in the NFL making millions of dollars, but screw it! I’ll get high and ruin my image as a person! Illegal substances banned by the NFL can’t hurt either!” – Sincerely, Josh Gordon’s brain.

Josh needs to seek a therapist. The star athlete has been suspended for the fifth time of his career? Sixth? Seventh? Who knows anymore. You would think the first time he got suspended would be enough to follow the rules of the NFL. You know, just to set the bar high? A light consequence by the NFL to instill he would never make a decision like this again? Well … apparently not, as Josh would rather pound down a doobie instead of having a dream job.

Let’s see if one of the best wide receivers in the league can give up the dope to shine in a league for his taking! Oh, he’s facing indefinite suspension? Let’s light one up for that!

Matty Ice