Wednesday, June 29, 2022

NBA Preview: Washington Wizards

Why They Might Be Good: Off the court, stud Wiz point guard Gilbert Arenas is one of the more genial professional ballers around. On the court, he'll kill your mother. (Actually, three years ago, in a meaningless late-season game against the Bulls, he killed Tyson Chandler's pit bull, Brick.) His grouchiness, combined with forward Antawn Jamison's ability to confuse opponents with the pronunciation of his first name, should catapult Washington into the first division.

NBA Preview: Seattle Supersonics

Why They Might Be Good: The combination of shot-making guard Ray Allen, the team's young legs, and the easy access to energy-reviving Starbucks coffee courtesy of soon-to-be-former team owner Howard Schultz guarantees that on any given night, the Sonics can run anybody out of the gym.

Seahawks Alexander out-prayed by Bear fans

Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander proclaimed a miracle Tuesday, saying his injured foot had been healed, simply by prayer. Later that day, his prayers were met by thousands of others from Bears fans who were wishing Alexander wouldn't be able to play, leaving God a tough choice to make prior to Alexander's CT scan on Wednesday.

Mike Holmgren’s parents involved in paternity suit

Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren should be paying attention to his team's marquee match up with the Bears this weekend, but he's instead focused on his on-going paternity suit. Holmgren's legal parents, Barbara and Lincoln, are in a custody battle over the coach with an Alaskan Walrus, named Wally.