When Kevin Durant and the Seattle Super Sonics rolled into town in 2009, many Oklahoma citizens felt threatened by a franchise entering the city of 23,000 people. However, with the NBA Finals now in full tilt, the people of Oklahoma City are excited by this foreign sport that doesn’t involve a football.

Nearly everyone in Oklahoma City was baffled when the sport of basketball was explained to them. In fact, many residents had to be swayed by terms like: “Bouncing football,” “Dressing in stupid uniformed stadium T-shirts” and “Rim Touchdown.” The locals naturally gave in, and are calling the NBA Finals their “Super Bowl of bouncing football.”

“I wasn’t sure about this type of football, givin’ it don’t have an open roof,” said local shop owner Braydon Jones. “I just hope the Sooners sign that James guy. I bet he’d be a great wide receiver and he’s gotta go to college sometime right?”

Brew Dreesus