MLB headquarters is located on Park Avenue, so it came as almost no surprise Friday when R.A. Dickey of the Mets was granted a no-hitter for his brilliant effort on Wednesday against the Rays.

Tampa Bay’s only “hit” in the 9-1 Mets victory came in the first inning, when third baseman David Wright unsuccessfully attempted to bare hand B.J. Upton’s slow roller down the line. Within seconds, Tropicana Field’s official scorer ruled it a hit.

MLB changed that to an error on Wright this afternoon, and then gave the Mets the 2000 “Subway” World Series title while riding its momentum. The latter move was made primarily to stick it to the Yankees, whom Manhattanites can’t stand.

“They’re as arrogant as their fans,” said MLB spokesperson Nuke Hutchins.

By Rob C. Christiansen