Fans convinced of an officiating conspiracy favoring the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals felt they have even more proof after the Oklahoma City Thunder made only 15 of 24 free throws in Sunday night’s 91-85 Game 3 loss.

“First the refs were giving Dwyane Wade and LeBron James all the calls,” said Michael Stenson,  a Heat-hating NBA fan from Minnesota. “But then they found some way to force OKC to shoot only 60 percent from the line. It’s complete crap.”

Fans like Stenson are alleging NBA Commissioner David Stern has ordered the refs to favor the Heat because he has decided they should win the Finals this year for some reason. They believe Stern and the refs have some sort of mind control over Kevin Durant and his teammates.

“I don’t know how Stern did it, but nothing surprises me with that guy,” said Stenson, “I got so angry during last night’s game I almost swore off the NBA for good. I’ll have to intently watch every minute of the rest of these games go before I make up my mind for sure.”