Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Ratings increase on billion-dollar NCAA TV contract has stars of College Football Championship hopeful...

From networks to sponsors to the NCAA, everyone has been cashing in on the success of the new playoff structure, including the players themselves.

‘Jameis Winston Defense Attorney’ listed as most secure job in America

"Mr. Winston is young, high profile, with great long-term earning potential and always seeming to get caught up in some sort of legal drama," said the publication's business editor Bill Freeman. "That's a defense attorney's dream right there."

Chicago high school basketball powerhouse Simeon moving to ACC

The high school’s principal said the move was made after Simeon, along with Duke, Kansas, Indiana and Florida, finished with a Top 5 recruiting class.

North Carolina also bans marriage between Blue Devils and Tar Heels

Earlier this week, the people of North Carolina passed Amendment 1, which many believed was just a ban on gay marriage. But it has now been revealed that this amendment could also undercut child custody arrangements, jeopardize hospital visiting rights, and most surprisingly – it bans marriage between graduates of Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

University of Hawaii football denied entrance to the ACC

After a rash of preposterous college football conference re-alignments, including Boise State's admission to the Big East, the University of Hawaii was denied permission to join the Atlantic Coast Conference this week.