Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ratings increase on billion-dollar NCAA TV contract has stars of College Football Championship hopeful...

From networks to sponsors to the NCAA, everyone has been cashing in on the success of the new playoff structure, including the players themselves.

Nick Saban adds Thanos to Alabama coaching staff

The rich are getting richer. Fresh off of a conference title and a No. 1 ranking leading up to the college football playoff, Alabama is adding another strong, and somewhat controversial figure to their coaching staff.

Nick Saban grimly smiles over tattered remains of Auburn voodoo doll he constructed

"It didn't have to be this way. You should have let us do your dirty work for you," Saban lamented over a doll of mascot Aubie the Tiger containing a single dread from Tre Mason's scalp.

Last-second loss to Auburn quietly drops Alabama out of the top 25

After a lackluster effort on the road last weekend, Alabama has fallen all the way from No. 1 in the country to out of the top 25.

All 32 NFL teams hoping to go 0-16 for a chance to draft Jadeveon...

"Bruce Smith used to give me nightmares," said John Elway. "Clowney makes Bruce Smith look like Bruce Jenner. And not the Bruce Jenner from back when he was winning decathlons. Bruce Jenner from now who looks like a corpse. That's how good Clowney is."

National Guard deployed to rescue Johnny Manziel from University of Texas frat party

President Obama issued the executive order only after exhaustive peace talks between the fraternity brothers and the Texas A &M stand-out QB broke down at the last possible minute. When pressed by the Associated Press about the strong possibility of a nuclear option, President Obama responded that “All options were on the table.”

Manziel taking classes by telepathy

Eyebrows were raised recently when it was reported earlier this week that 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel was taking college classes online and was only on campus once a month. A spokesperson representing the Texas A&M freshman denied the report saying that Manziel is doing coursework, not online, but through mental telepathy.