After a lackluster effort on the road last weekend, Alabama has fallen all the way from  No. 1 in the country to out of the top 25. The Crimson Tide appeared to be heading toward their third straight national title and fourth crown in the last five years. All that changed however when a last-second missed field goal by the Tide was returned for a Touchdown by the lone Auburn player in the end zone.

Ironically, footage of the last second touchdown was barely shown on TV because ESPN still wanted to re-run that Jadaveon Clowney tackle on the Michigan running back from last January.    

As for the Alabama faithful, they were left stunned and enraged. The loss to Auburn dropped Alabama so far down in the rankings that  it jeopardized their chances of even making a bowl game. BCS analyst, and former “Bachelor,” Jesse Palmer said that after their disgraceful loss Alabama would be lucky if they had a chance to play in any bowl game at all. With that said, he was projecting that the Tide would  play in the “Hometown Country Buffet Sliders and Pie” Bowl game against the last place team in the NFC North.  

Meanwhile the Consortium of Moonshiners who run the University of Alabama were livid, telling head coach Nick Saban that such an embarrassing loss typically merited a coach being fired. However, they wouldn’t make that move as of yet because Saban hadn’t been all that terrible in the past, and more importantly they were still waiting on Lane Kiffin’s counter-offer.