The rich are getting richer. Fresh off of a conference title and a No. 1 ranking leading up to the college football playoff, Alabama is adding another strong, and somewhat controversial figure to their coaching staff. Effective immediately, the Crimson Tide are bringing in Thanos, AKA the Mad Titan in their quest to win another national title.

This is not the first time that Nick Saban has brought in a controversial figure to help his football team. Disgraced former USC coaches Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian both found refuge within the Crimson Tide program after being unceremoniously fired mid-season. More recently, DJ Durkin, the disgraced Maryland football and once described “narcissistic sociopath” was brought onto the staff despite creating a “toxic culture” when he was coach of the Terrapins. Now Nick Saban is bringing on the planet destroying mad orb wielder himself, Thanos aka son of Eternals Alars and Sui-San.

As for Thanos, he has a very specific set of goals for the Tide football players. They include win a national title, control the line of scrimmage and gather all the remaining infinity stones to destroy the universe before the gigantic battle against the Guardians of the Galaxy on Rigel-3 next to the Kyln Intergalactic space prison.

Meanwhile, Thanos’ adopted daughter Nebula was quoted as saying that she has always been a diehard Oklahoma fan and she would be rooting for the Sooners at all costs. To quote Nebula; “Brutal space pirates must never let the Crimson Tide win this playoff game against OU. Boomer Sooner and death to Gamora.”

When told of the new coaching hire at Alabama, Thanos was quoted as saying: “Wow, DJ Durkin. That’s really messed-up. I mean that’s just a really bad guy right there.”