On Tuesday, Deadspin broke news that leaked emails revealed Cubs ownership contemplated moving the team out of Chicago due to a difficult relationship with Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2013. As it turns out, the suggestion was made by Todd “Fredo” Ricketts and was likely never taken seriously. Here’s a list of other Todd Ricketts’ suggestions revealed in additional leaked emails:

– “I have a GREAT feeling about this Darvish signing. Chatwood too!”
– “I’m putting all my money on the Patriots to beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Philly just doesn’t have what it takes to win it all.”
– “Are we sure we should hire Joe Maddon? Maybe we should bring back Mike Quade. I really like a lot of what he brought to the table.”
– “It’ll be totally fine if our family gets involved in politics. No one will ever find out about it so it won’t be controversial at all.”
– “Now that we own the McDonald’s across the street from Wrigley, I’m going on an all Quarter Pounder diet. Please don’t tear that place down Tom. I’m sure any hotel we put up there won’t do nearly as much business as the McDonald’s. Plus, where will all the rats go?”
– “Does anyone know what happened to the Successories poster I had on my office wall? I just can’t get motivated without it.”