Saturday, June 22, 2024

Urban Meyer pledges to grind on women half his age in private only from...

Embattled Jaguars coach Urban Meyer issued an apology Tuesday morning, saying he will mend his ways after a scandalous video surfaced involving him dancing suggestively with a much younger woman who wasn't...

Rutgers boldly predicts undefeated 2020 football season

Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano made a bold prediction today.

Three Iowa State starters out for UVA game after meeting with Hoiberg, Bulls

"Fred was nice enough to introduce us to the NBA All-Stars on the Bulls," Niag said. "Derrick Rose taught all of us what it means to be an NBA star and how much work you have to put in ... and how occasionally you need to rest."

Herbstreit: Loss to Northwestern ‘worst thing to ever happen to Penn State football program’

"This Penn State program is at the lowest I've ever seen it," said Herbstreit. "How do you let a mediocre Northwestern program come into your house and beat you by 23? It's just unconscionable."

Bo Pelini apologizes for offending ‘all of the inbred hillbilly redneck trailer trash fans...

“I want to tell all you hayseeds, rubes and country bumpkins from the bottom of my heart how sorry I am for casting a pall upon your miserable moonshine drinking, roto-tilling, cow-tipping lives,” said Pelini.

Illini fans demand Zook’s return after near disastrous opener

After the University of Illinois barely beat Southern Illinois in the Illini first game of the college football season, angry fans and alumni took to Green Street in Champaign. They demanded the firing of head coach Tim Beckman and the rehiring of Ron Zook, who was let go by the university in 2011.

Northwestern students excited about 7π rank in AP, [(4!) – 2] rank in ESPN...

As the Northwestern Wildcats football team gears up for their season opener against Cal on Saturday night, students at the prestigious Evanston college were ecstatic to find their team ranked by AP, the coaches poll, and ESPN, each of whom have them as the 7 multiplied by π best team in the nation (or (4!)-2 in factorials).