Since its inception in the 2014 season, the NCAA College Football Championship has earned an increase in ratings year-over-year. From networks to sponsors to the NCAA, everyone has been cashing in on the success of the new playoff structure, including the players themselves.

“These games are huge. They make great money for the universities, and its special to be able to contribute to that,” said LSU star quarterback Joe Burrow. “It means a lot that the NCAA is promising us upwards of a million high-fives, and possibly a few ‘dabs’ coming out of the event.”

NCAA Commissioner Mark Emmert has been thrilled with the growth of the game under his tenure, and is excited to share that success with the players.

“These young men commit their blood, sweat, tears, and talent with millions of viewers nation-wide,” said Emmert. “They deserve all the up-highs and down-lows we can give them.”

“I know it’s selfish, but given my run here at Clemson, I hope to maybe get receive a distribution of fist-bumps. Don’t tell coach though!” shared Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

When asked for his take, LSU Coach Ed Orgeron just let out, “Geaux Tigers!”

Mike Brian