Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Petrino fired for being a terrible motorcycle rider

"This is the South," said a clearly shaken Long. "We expect our leaders to be able to do certain things, and handling a motorcycle with someone who's not your wife on the back is certainly one of them. I get sick to my stomach every time I read an article that says Coach Petrino 'laid down his motorcycle' after he lost control. What the hell is that?"

Second-Best Sports Town Update: ‘Anywhere Else’ advances twice

“Anywhere Else” continued its improbable run while Pittsburgh and San Francisco are also headed to the Isolated 8.

All 32 NFL teams hoping to go 0-16 for a chance to draft Jadeveon...

"Bruce Smith used to give me nightmares," said John Elway. "Clowney makes Bruce Smith look like Bruce Jenner. And not the Bruce Jenner from back when he was winning decathlons. Bruce Jenner from now who looks like a corpse. That's how good Clowney is."

Penn State sends emergency petition to NCAA asking for permission to start paying recruits...

Penn State is requesting an emergency exemption from NCAA policies barring the paying of recruits due to continued fallout from the Sandusky scandal.

Nick Saban adds Thanos to Alabama coaching staff

The rich are getting richer. Fresh off of a conference title and a No. 1 ranking leading up to the college football playoff, Alabama is adding another strong, and somewhat controversial figure to their coaching staff.

North Carolina also bans marriage between Blue Devils and Tar Heels

Earlier this week, the people of North Carolina passed Amendment 1, which many believed was just a ban on gay marriage. But it has now been revealed that this amendment could also undercut child custody arrangements, jeopardize hospital visiting rights, and most surprisingly – it bans marriage between graduates of Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Second-Best Sports Town Tourney Reaches Furloughed Four

“Anywhere Else” is in prime position to win the Second-Best Sports Town Tourney with not one but two spots in the Furloughed Four. They are joined by Denver and Pittsburgh.