Wearing facemasks is in right now and being environmentally friendly while doing so is the classic double whammy. Jim Harbaugh has set an example and the entire world should take notes. He has taken his very own, game worn, khaki pants and sewed them himself into facemasks for his entire family. 

“I love my family, I love football and I love my khaki pants,” said Harbaugh. “If I can somehow use my khaki pants to protect my family and help the whole world get one step closer to being back to normal, then it is something I must do. Sure my khaki pants won’t be the same anymore, but I will wear them and the mask as a badge of honor. If I had it my way, my entire wardrobe would consist of only khaki pants. But you can’t have everything.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci had further praise for Harbaugh. 

“Studies have actually shown that khaki pants make the best facemasks,” said Fauci. “The material is completely resistant to COVID-19. When you are wearing a facemask made out of khaki pants, it appears you are basically invincible.”

Dr. Fauci went on to say that while the khaki pants facemasks may save lives, it won’t help Michigan beat Ohio State anytime soon.