Sometimes you need to learn from the best. 

“I think what’s best for everybody in this situation is if the owners keep all of the money and the players play for free,” said Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner. “We want baseball to be played this year. The players want that, the fans want that and we want that. We are willing to do whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t involve making less money.”

So naturally, the MLB owners sought out the advice of the true pros at benefitting from free labor: the NCAA.

“I think they should be able to do it just fine,” said NCAA CEO Mark Emmert. “We can’t understand why any player anywhere should make any money when we’ve been able to profit off of free labor for years. These other organizations are lost, but we’re glad they have come to us for help.”

The MLB owners have said the NCAA has been gracious and kind and it is clear that the NCAA is a standup organization determined to maximize profits at the expense of exploiting their thousands of athletes.