Jimmy Toegard, an 11-year-old Jazz fan from Ogden, Utah, didn’t enjoy ESPN’s documentary “The Last Dance” about the 1998 Chicago Bulls.

“He’s devastated,” said Jimmy’s mom, Sophia. “We didn’t have the heart to tell him from the beginning that the Bulls beat the Jazz in the 1997-’98 NBA Finals. It’s his first tough sports moment. We’re not bad people, but he needed to experience it as if it was real, just like we did.”

“I just can’t believe they lost,” said Jimmy, referring to the Karl Malone-led Utah Jazz who played 10 years before Toegard was born. “We were right there. It was such a clear push-off. I don’t understand why they didn’t call that. I thought we were going to be NBA champions. My friends have tried to tell me that there is no NBA season anymore, but I think they are crazy. I love my Utah Jazz.”

Prior to the release of the documentary, Jimmy’s parents were waiting for just the right time to tell him about the Jazz loss. They were hoping it would reduce the shock for when they eventually tell him he’s adopted.