Chicagoan John Balduga, 34, is nearing completion of planning the workout program that he is planning on starting just as soon as quarantine is over. The accountant has yet to set a firm date for when the program will begin, but he insists he cannot start exercising until the planning phase is complete. 

“I used to think I didn’t have enough time to exercise,” said Balduga. “But now that I have enough time, I realize that the real problem is that I haven’t done enough planning on my workout program.” 

Balduga began designing his workout program the third week of March. Nearly two months later, the design of the program is expected to be complete any day. 

In the meantime, Balduga is putting his government stimulus check to good use by purchasing workout clothes and equipment that he’ll store in a drawer in his closet indefinitely. 

“Having the right activewear is one of the keys to a successful workout program. All of the activewear I used to have wasn’t the correct kind,” Balduga explained. “Pretty soon, I’ll have the right kind, and after that I will be able to consider thinking about starting to work out.” 

Luckily, now that Balduga is working from home, he can avoid the hassle of having to bring two pairs of clothes to the office — one for work and one for working out. The foresight required to bring a gym bag to the office has stopped Balduga from exercising a number of times in years past.   

One key issue that could still delay the beginning of Balduga’s workout program is the weather. With summer months closing in, it will soon be hotter outside than it is inside. 

“The weather is an issue I faced last winter as well. As soon as I was going to start running, it got really cold. This year, it looks like we might have a decent window to get started in late August, but I definitely don’t want to start the program if it looks like I won’t be able to finish it, so that’s something I’m going to have to look at,” explained Balduga.