Today’s Wellness Check is with Katie Rich. She’s a writer who spent six years at Saturday Night Live and Second City before that. Listen here!

Brad and Katie talk about all sorts of interesting stuff: How she’s handling the quarantine (typically three good days followed by one shitty one), her first experience at Second City, why she hopes to never meet Stephen Colbert, how working at SNL matched up with her expectations, writing for SNL when Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Bill Murray came through a few days after the Cubs won the World Series, Heckler Facebook fan suggestions for high school names that could be more “Chicago” than her alma mater Carl Sandburg High, the time Chris Hemsworth practically impregnated her in his Thor costume on the SNL set, the new Netflix project that she’s not allowed to talk about just yet, stifling her “Chi-CAH-go” accent, attending the double-doink Bears-Eagles playoff game with her “piece of shit” Philly sports fan husband, how she knew The Heckler was founded in 2003 (it involves her working at a Wrigleyville bar and a supposed Heckler staffer hitting on her fellow waitress), the Second City sports videos that involved her dressing up like Brent Seabrook and Joakim Noah, what she thinks when people say SNL isn’t as good as it used to be, her experience writing for the ESPYs with John Cena and Peyton Manning, her love of rescue dogs, and much more.

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