Sunday, May 22, 2022

‘Jameis Winston Defense Attorney’ listed as most secure job in America

"Mr. Winston is young, high profile, with great long-term earning potential and always seeming to get caught up in some sort of legal drama," said the publication's business editor Bill Freeman. "That's a defense attorney's dream right there."

National Guard sent to Winnetka after most recent Hawks celebration outburst

In the latest incident, at least two recycling bins and a hanging plant were tossed into the parking lot of a building housing a hot yoga business.

Cubs fans gather around massive Zenith radios to listen to first Spring Training game

With their favorite team playing its first Spring Training game in Mesa, Cubs fans blacked-out from watching the game on TV were forced to gather around their antique Zenith radios to listen to the AM broadcast.

Wellness Check Podcast: Rick Telander

We’re a week into the quarantine so we figured we’d check in with some friends to see how they’re doing.

Roy Williams’ ‘Dropzilla’ performance especially terrifying to Japanese Bears fans

"Roy Williams is very, very shitty receiver," said Sato. "But when he did his Dropzilla act it reminded me of all the carnage another beastly, alligator-armed monster has wreaked our proud country and I just about lost it."

Bulls replace GarPax just in time for the apocalypse

“We appreciate what Gar and John have given our organization,” said team President Michael Reinsdorf, “but now that the end of times is upon us, we owe it to our fans to bring in fresh leadership.”

Rooftop owners agree that backs of upscale Jumbotrons as interesting as Cubs baseball

You may not think seagull poop on a Jumbotron can be the focal point of your party,” said Zybachowski. “I tell ya, buddy, you haven’t seen seagull poop on the right Jumbotron.”