The Raiders? The Chargers? The Patriots? The XFL?

Where will Tom Brady play in 2020 and does anyone outside New England really care about the soon-to-be 43-year-old with a shot arm? Outside of ESPN, not really. But boy do the hosts of First Take, Get Up, SportsCenter and even NBA: The Jump sure do!

And when Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky starting bickering like an old married couple on the aforementioned First Take this morning regarding Brady Watch: 2020 it represented an historic sports network milestone: the one millionth Tom Brady segment since the QB announced his plans to test the free agent waters.

“Dan, Dan, Dan!!!!! Let me be clear, Tom Brady will return to the Patriots. It’s his best option!” Smith opined vociferously in the general direction of Orlovsky.

Orlovsky, like any ex-Detroit Lion, refused to back down in the face of the verbal Smith barrage, retorting: “No way, Stephen A, the Raiders are moving to Vegas and they need to make a splash, they will get the deal done.”

The original content of the segment surprised viewers as, even thought it was the one millionth Brady Watch: 2020 segment, it was the first many had heard about the Raider option. Either that or they heard it so, so many times they had erased it from their collective memory.

Patrick Olson