In an effort to speed up the game, MLB officials have shaken things up by implementing a new rule where each pitcher has to throw for at least nine full innings. 

The “Full Game Rule” has been the subject of much debate this preseason with managers and players split over their thoughts on the new mandate.

“I love it,” said Cubs pitching prospect Manuel Rodriguez. “Nothing better than going out there and throwing 160 pitches an outing. Feels like a warm up for a 23-year-old guy like me.” 

Older pitchers may think differently, especially after hearing that Twins 39-year-old LHP Rich Hill’s arm fell off mid-pitch in the bottom of the eighth yesterday during a split squad bout with the Red Sox. With the new rule, reliever Jake Reed had to pitch another nine full innings, which put the 17-inning game’s total time at 7 hours 36 minutes.

Steve Smith Jr. Jr.