Earlier this week, Chicago State cancelled two road games due to fears of the coronavirus; and the IOC is considering postponing the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo for the same reason.

Now, John Paxson and Gar Forman announced Friday morning that due to the ongoing fear of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Chicago Bulls will be canceling the remainder of the 2019-2020 season and their following nine seasons.

“We are just trying to be proactive due to our team’s penchant for not being able to stay healthy for a full season.” Paxson said, referring to the Suns game a few weeks ago when the Bulls had seven players listed as out on the official injury report. “And let’s be honest, this rebuild we’re in isn’t going anywhere so maybe getting a fresh start in 2030 will do the trick.”

The official press release stated the organization isn’t just worried about the players and coaches. They are also considering the health of the Luvabulls, Benny, and the Swinging Seniors.

“This is not us tanking to get a better chance in the draft lottery,” said Forman. “It’s already been determined we will have the seventh pick for the fourth year in a row.”

Chicago Vince