Friday, February 23, 2024

NFL flexes Bears-Vikings off the schedule completely

ing that it has flexed the Week 18 matchup between the Vikings and Bears to a more appropriate spot: off the schedule completely.

Kirk Cousins on doing interviews: ‘If I say something stupid, I say something stupid’

Wednesday morning brought about headlines that Kirk Cousins said in a recent podcast when asked about COVID-19: "If I die, I die."

MLB implements “Full Game Rule” requiring each pitcher to log at least 9 full...

In an effort to speed up the game, MLB officials have shaken things up by implementing a new rule where each pitcher has to throw for at least nine full innings.

Trump seeking to deport Vikings to whatever shithole country they’re from

Following their 38-7 shellacking in Philadelphia Sunday night, President Donald Trump demanded the entire team be deported.

Kevin Garnett already teaching new young teammates how to properly disrespect opponents

“His impact was felt immediately,” star rookie Andrew Wiggins said of the influence Garnett has had on the young team members’ ability to trash-talk and insult other players. “He’s been mother-f**king players at the highest level for two decades, so he knows what he’s talking about."

Adrian Peterson’s children were on their best behavior during Thanksgiving

After being suspended for the remainder of the NFL season, running back Adrian Peterson planned Thanksgiving at his house with having more idle time. It was the first time Peterson and Ashley Brown had...

Fantasy owner regains moral authority by dropping Adrian Peterson

Mankato, Minn., resident Calvin Schroeder concluded a 48-hour period of much soul-searching Friday by announcing that he needs to “get this right” by cutting running back Adrian Peterson from his fantasy football roster.