After being suspended for the remainder of the NFL season, running back Adrian Peterson planned Thanksgiving at his house with having more idle time. It was the first time Peterson and Ashley Brown had Thanksgiving dinner at their home as husband and wife . Peterson’s six children were on hand for the family festivities. Peterson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin was also on hand for the Peterson feast.

“Who knew the best running back in the NFL could baste a turkey? Plus that was the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had,” said Hardin. “I couldn’t wait until it was done cooling on the window sill. Adrian is a fantastic patriarch and has a loving family. It was an honor to break bread with his family. His children are angels.”

The Peterson progeny reportedly were exemplary with their manners. All of the children wanted to say grace. None of the children spoke unless spoken to and all wanted to clean up and wash the dishes.

Hardin continued, “The children were on their P’s and Q’s. It was nothing but please and thank you. Each of them called me Mr. Hardin. We even had a serious discussion about what is considered inadmissible evidence.”

After the dinner Peterson asked the children if they wanted to play outside in the yard. All of the children politely declined.