After another dismal Bears game in front of relatives, thousands of fans were quick to turn on Netflix with a helping of stuffing. Netflix traffic boomed in the Chicago market after the second of Joique Bell’s touchdowns as Bears fans let out a collective groan.

“Pathetic,” said Bears fan John Faron. “I’m tired of this defense. My holiday was ruined. My aunt Barbara was livid. She kept screaming, ‘What is Cutler thinking? Can anyone answer that?’ We had to calm her down after she kept cursing at my cousin, James between bites of her apple crisps. Do you blame her?┬áDetroit scored what? 34 points in their last six games? I turned on Adventure Time for the kids in the fourth. Thank goodness for Netflix or this whole day would’ve been a disaster. Thanks [Mel] Tucker!”

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler remained true to form by throwing another two interceptions in front of everyone’s family and friends.

“Sure I was disappointed,” said another fan, Chris Ogiela. “We had my wife’s family in from Beloit. I was excited for the game and my wife’s gravy. It was right after the second Cutler interception that my brother-in-law just stood up and demanded the remote. It turned out ok though because we were able to catch up on ‘Sons of Anarchy.'”

“Oh, I started with Netflix this morning. My wife and I watched reruns of Arrested Development waiting for my in laws to come over,” said sometimes Bears fan, Jason Flowers. “Didn’t waste my day off watching that Groundhog Day team. What was the final?”