Historians around the world are celebrating one of the greatest archaeological finds of the last 200 years. A treasure trove of information was recently unearthed from the Mayflower in time for Thanksgiving. In that archive of data, records were unearthed that detailed the Bears first ever loss to the Packers, all the way back in 1620.

For as long as historians can remember the Bears have lost to the Packers, however there was never any concrete evidence as to when the losing originally began. Some people thought the losses began during the revolutionary war. Others speculated the losses began during the awkward Erik Kramer/Cade McNown/Kordell Stewart era. Well, now there is no more need to speculate.

Thanks to a scientific expedition funded in equal parts by the Sheboygan Womens Assistance League and Director James Cameron, we know that just as soon as the Mayflower landed in Virginia, the Bears began losing to the Packers. Indeed, listen to what transpired from one of the original colonists:

“Dearest Evelyne, for today I have born witness that the Bears of Chicago and their Quarterback Jay Louise Sarah Cavalieri Cutler of Fanny Prickwillow Cockington have thrown many an interception against the Packers of Green Bay and their star player Sir Aaron Clutchington Rodgers of the mighty Discount Doublecheck Dutch Cargo shiplines.”

The letter from the colonist continued stating that “We may be murdered by savages out here, or wither away from scurvy but ’tis a better fate than what befell these Bears today.”

Although there was no evidence of an actual game score, it was noted that all of the pilgrims left at halftime to return to their forts and storehouses.