Thanksgiving is a time reserved for family and tradition. Those two elements were put to a test at the Rose family assembly during Thanksgiving’s dinner. It’s an annual Thanksgiving tradition that after the Thanksgiving meal the members of the Rose family partake in a family touch football game. The night climaxed when Rose asked out of the game after a few minutes citing discomfort.

Dwayne Rose was rumored to be enraged and had to be constrained by brothers, Allan and Reggie.

“Missing a Bulls game is one thing, but this is family,” said an angry Dwayne. “Play the game, Derrick!”

Derrick’s mother, Brenda still likes to reminisce about the game in 2009.

“That was my favorite one. Our side came back from three touchdowns down. I’m still not sure how Derrick got two feet down by the bush for the winning score. It was unfortunate that he decided to not finish the game this year, very unfortunate,” said perturbed Brenda Rose.

“I wanted to play the whole game but I have to consider my future. Am I jeopardizing playing in this game in say 2023? I was okay midway through the first quarter but why push it? My left hamstring started to tighten,” said Rose. “I called Coach Thibodeau and told him I needed to sub out. B.J. [Armstrong] even agreed. I’m not sure why my family is so mad.”