Mankato, Minn., resident Calvin Schroeder concluded a 48-hour period of much soul-searching Friday by announcing that he needs to “get this right” by cutting running back Adrian Peterson from his fantasy football roster.

In a press release issued by Schroeder, he acknowledged that “it had become difficult to look my wife and children in the eyes” having taken no action in the days after his team’s star player, Peterson, had been arrested and charged with child abuse. Schroeder had, until now, remained silent on the matter, sparking criticism from victims’ advocacy groups that he was not taking the issue of domestic violence seriously within his organization, Schroeder’s Odors.

“I needed to get this right,” Schroeder’s statement read. “Fantasy football ownership is more than wins and losses and a beer-sodden draft day. It’s about leading an organization in a manner that allows me to hold my head high and declare that we will not tolerate any behavior that reflects poorly on our fan base and our community.”

Peterson could not be reached for comment on the matter. On Tuesday, his agent issued a statement on Peterson’s behalf which read, in part, “I look forward to some time away from Schroeder’s Odors to be with my family as we work through this difficult period.” Schroeder did not disclose what, if any, salary Peterson would forgo.

When asked if the suspension of Peterson was a knee-jerk reaction to the potential loss of banner ad sponsorships on his fantasy team’s home page, Schroeder responded defiantly: “You people [in the media] always assume whenever the Odors take an action which is supported by the public, that somehow that action must have been swayed by that popular sentiment. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I made this decision because it’s the right one, and that’s why the public agrees with it.”

Fans of Schroeder’s Odors are nervously anticipating this weekend’s match-up without their star running back. Mankato resident and friend of Mr. Schroeder, Derrick Sanderson, wondered aloud if perhaps the suspension decision wasn’t too hasty. “Who is Calvin going to start at running back this week? Chris Johnson? I mean, how are you going to compete like that? Why not let the legal process play out before resorting to such a drastic action? I think his opponent has Peyton Manning and the Seahawks defense going this week.”

Sanderson did, however, admit to some recent awkwardness at his own home when his six-year-old son Micah asked him what a ‘switch’ was. “I suppose Calvin should be proud he’s doing the morally defensible thing.”

Schroeder’s Odors are 1-1 this season but look to rebound from a difficult loss last week against The Homer Hankies. The Odors next home game is not until Oct. 4. The Mankato branch of the support group Safe Horizon had already planned a protest at the game; it is not yet known whether that protest will be called off in light of Peterson’s suspension.

Trajan Sullivan