It might not be “go time” much longer for the infamous ads runs during NFL games. Following the disapproval of other NFL sponsors such as Anheuser-Busch and Radisson Hotels, expressed their dissatisfaction with the recent NFL handling of the Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson situations.

CEO Blake Irving issued a stern message.

“ is extremely disappointed in the message the NFL is sending. Where has the morality of the league gone? What kind of message is this sending to women? Our women need to feel safe and protected. Here at headquarters if any man is suspected of any type of sexual harassment he gets a stern lecture and is forced to put his pants back on for the rest of the day. wants to encourage women to know they should feel safe whether at home or whatever Hooters, tanning salon or strip club they call a workplace.”

Irving elaborated that he had yet to hear from Roger Goodell or anyone at the league office.

“Maybe they are under their desks looking for a missing DVD,” Irving joked.

“If we don’t get a clearer message from the league regarding these moral issues, we might be forced to pull our future Super Bowl ad this year, and that would be a shame. We’ve just filmed it too. This year Danica [Patrick] is joined by our newest client, Johnny Maziel at a Vegas nightclub. Two people our society greatly respects for their high moral ethics.”

When Irving was asked what would happen for without the Super Bowl commercial he stated that they would look into opportunities with the Lingerie Football League.