Saturday, May 25, 2024

Yahoo adds vaccine status to fantasy football player ratings

With surging COVID-19 case numbers lingering over the start of the 2021 NFL season, Yahoo has decided to add vaccine status to its fantasy football player ratings.

Local fantasy player attempts to start Eddie Jackson at flex

This upcoming week, local Bears fan Brian Morgan, owner of team "Kissin Cousins Titties" is attempting to start Eddie Jackson at the flex position on his fantasy team.

Fantasy owner regains moral authority by dropping Adrian Peterson

Mankato, Minn., resident Calvin Schroeder concluded a 48-hour period of much soul-searching Friday by announcing that he needs to “get this right” by cutting running back Adrian Peterson from his fantasy football roster.

Winner of fantasy football league to run the Jets next season

"This will give the league a ton of exposure," said Vinnie Andruzzi, commissioner of the Rex Ryan Puts The "Foot" In Football League. "Maybe we can have our draft televised on Fox Sports 1 to help it get better ratings."

7 retired players currently better fantasy options at 3B than Luis Valbuena

"Some of the guys I'd rather have on my roster than Valbuena are actually dead and they'll still do less damage to a fantasy roster than Valbuena.," said one fantasy expert. "He's just that bad."

Facebook bans all fantasy football-related status updates

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today announced a ban on all status updates about users' fantasy football teams, citing millions of annoyed subscribers.

Fantasy gurus upgrade Cam Newton’s bye week as ‘sleeper pick’ compared to rest of...

Fantasy football specialists across the country run the risk of pleasing or disappointing millions of followers each week. When each supposed “expert” makes his picks, literally millions of fantasy football players are hanging onto every word. That’s why this week, fantasy gurus everywhere are elated at the proposition that Cam Newton has to sit out.