Friday, March 1, 2024

Fantasy baseball owner won’t stop talking about how great his team will be next...

"My five keepers are Josh Hamilton, Prince Fielder, Matt Cain, Starlin Castro and Adam Wainright," said Fitzsimmons. "I'm going to be stacked next year."

Yahoo! Fantasy Football servers crash after 8 million searches for ‘Kevin Ogletree’

At approximately 10:03 EST, Wednesday night, Yahoo! Sports reported that its fantasy football servers crashed for approximately 25 minutes after over 8 million searches occurred for one player: Kevin Ogletree.

Inge family takes Brandon 1st in fantasy draft for league where HRs count negative-15

An Inge family friend has disclosed that for the eighth consecutive year Brandon Inge was the highest-rated player and top pick in the Inge family fantasy baseball league for 2012.

David Wright picks himself in 11th round of fantasy baseball draft

“I was actually gonna take myself in the 10th, but I knew I’d still be around,” Wright said. “I needed a pitcher pretty bad, so I snagged Kyle Lohse.”

‘My fantasy team needs a big game from Marshawn Lynch’ says guy saying a...

As if Monday mornings aren't bad enough, some guy you work with has been talking all day about a bunch of things you don't care at all about, namely his fantasy football team.

1972 Dolphins celebrate as last undefeated fantasy team loses its first game

When San Diego's Mike Tolbert scored a first-quarter TD Monday night against Jacksonville, it gave the Chargers a 7-0 lead but also dealt the country's last undefeated fantasy football team its first loss of the season and provided the 1972 Dolphins with yet another reason to celebrate their claim to fame.

Rivers issues apology for winning man’s fantasy match-up

A contrite Philip Rivers issued an apology today to a Midwestern man he’s never met Tuesday. In a fit of rage, Jack Snellenwarth of Waterloo, Iowa emailed the Chargers star explaining that Rivers had all but single-handedly destroyed Snellenwarth’s fantasy football season.