David Wright is hoping to have a bounce back season — not for the Mets’ sake, but to propel his fantasy squad to a championship. In his annual draft, the Mets’ third baseman picked himself early in the 11th round.

“I was actually gonna take myself in the 10th, but I knew I’d still be around,” Wright said. “I needed a pitcher pretty bad, so I snagged Kyle Lohse.”

Wright seemed reasonably confident in the pick, citing the usual numbers you’d expect from an 11th rounder.

“If I can go .270/15/80 this season with 120 hits, I’d be thrilled,” Wright admitted. “Plus, strikeouts and errors don’t count in this league, so when you factor that in, I’m not a bad gamble in this spot.”

Some say Wright was overheard calling the pick “a steal.”

“No, no. Not true at all,” Wright countered. “Someone just asked how many bases I’d swipe this season.”

Wright later broke his policy of not drafting teammates by taking Jason Bay in the 19th round. Wright was visibly upset that Oakland center fielder Coco Crisp was taken the pick before.

“Ya know, there’s only so many times you can say ‘Jason is gonna have a comeback season,’” said the ticked-off Wright. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, Jason Bay blows.”