If it’s not hard enough drafting the best players available in this year’s NFL Draft, Jerry Angelo plans on making it even tougher for the Bears. After being replaced by Phil Emery as the Bears GM earlier this year, Angelo is hoping to sabotage the Bears operation and continue his unbreakable streak of Bears busted draft picks.

“I’ve been blowing the Bears draft for over 10 years, and if you think I’m just gonna stand by and let someone else do it … think again,” said a defiant Angelo, clenching his fist and haggling with police officers after getting caught trying to break into Halas Hall. “If I can’t do it from the inside, then I’m just gonna have to do it from the outside.”

Although he’s outspoken about his desire to ruin the Bears draft — he posts daily on his blog “SaBEARtoge”–– nobody is quite sure how he plans on doing it. One source said he plans on using a 29-year-old computer hacker from Wisconsin named Gus to hack into the system at Halas Hall and screw with their player statistics. Another source said he plans on gathering an army of his busted draft picks to storm the draft in New York and take back the draft room from Emery’s crew.

Whichever way he approaches it, Phil Emery isn’t scared.

“This is a guy coming after me who failed repeatedly,” said Emery. “I mean, he drafted Dan Bazuin … in the second round. I think we’ll be okay.”

Comments like that which will make Angelo more determined than ever.

“Ruining the Bears draft for the team and city of Chicago is a job that I took seriously, and I’m determined to carry on the great work that I started to the very end,” wrote Angelo on SaBEARtoge. “Dan Bazuin? Michael Haynes? Cedric Benson? Those were just the beginning, and I won’t stop until I can complete my legacy.”

Michael Kloempken