Michael Jordan’s Highland Park mansion hit the real estate market earlier this week with a hefty asking price of $29 million. True to Jordan’s uber-competitive nature, however, the former Bulls star is offering the nine-bedroom home for free to anyone who can beat him in a game of horse in the mansion’s full-size indoor basketball court.

“I’m just tired of playing basketball here all by myself and need to move out of this place,” said Jordan. “So I would like to give the opportunity for someone to play me in a game of horse, and if they beat me, I will give them my home free of charge.”

Kobe Bryant attempted to take Jordan up on the office, but Jordan immediately refused.

“Kobe just took stole my record for career All-Star Game points,” said the often vindictive Jordan. “The last thing I’m going to do is give him a chance to steal my home too.”

By Scott Armandi