Fantasy Report: How should Cedric Benson’s habit of getting drunk and punching people impact...

"I would proceed with caution both when approaching a most likely intoxicated Benson in an Austin bar and when considering drafting him for my fantasy league," said Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay. "He's a bit of a wild card, both drunk and sober."

Fantasy experts agree: You’re a complete idiot if you didn’t start Randall Cobb last...

"You could comb through my archives and see that I never mentioned Cobb in any of my 75 insightful preseason posts this summer," wrote Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay. "But this morning I'm going to go on the record and boldly state anyone who didn't play Cobb last night is a true moron."

Fantasy Report: How does Jerome Simpson’s massive marijuana shipment impact your fantasy league?

"Simpson's career might be up in smoke and I just wish he would have thought of all his fantasy owners before making such a stupid decision," wrote Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay. removes Fantasy Football section after Goodell’s team starts 0-4

After slowly embraces fantasy football, the NFL has abruptly removed all links and references to its in-house leagues because insiders say commissioner Roger Goodell was bitterly angry that his make believe team began the season 0-4.

Mike Williams drops self from fantasy team

Following an epiphany, Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Williams completely removed himself from his own fantasy roster today. Realizing that only 2 percent of all Yahoo! Fantasy League owners were still starting the maligned wide receiver, Williams placed himself on waiver wires.

Rivers issues apology for winning man’s fantasy match-up

A contrite Philip Rivers issued an apology today to a Midwestern man he’s never met Tuesday. In a fit of rage, Jack Snellenwarth of Waterloo, Iowa emailed the Chargers star explaining that Rivers had all but single-handedly destroyed Snellenwarth’s fantasy football season.

1972 Dolphins celebrate as last undefeated fantasy team loses its first game

When San Diego's Mike Tolbert scored a first-quarter TD Monday night against Jacksonville, it gave the Chargers a 7-0 lead but also dealt the country's last undefeated fantasy football team its first loss of the season and provided the 1972 Dolphins with yet another reason to celebrate their claim to fame.