Bengals running back Cedric Benson can be a terror for opposing defenses on the field, but unfortunately he can also be a terror for regular civilians when he gets drunk and punches them as he’s been known to do on multiple occasions. So how should Benson’s status as a menace to society impact your fantasy football draft?

“I would proceed with caution both when approaching a most likely intoxicated Benson in an Austin bar and when considering drafting him for my fantasy league,” said Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay. “He’s a bit of a wild card, both drunk and sober.”

Findlay offered fantasy players what he believes to be sound advice.

“Now that Benson was sentenced to 20 days in jail for getting drunk and punching two people in the last year, you have to consider picking up his backup Bernard Scott as a handcuff,” said Findlay. “Or you could just avoid picking up any Bengals at all since they’re going to suck this year. And that’s what’s really important here.”