Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Brennaman apologizes for not slurring homosexuals in private like usual

"I can't begin to stress how very sorry I am for using such a derogatory term during the middle of a broadcast," said Brennaman. "Normally I reserve things like that for private, away from microphones and live TV broadcasts."

After watching Jordan doc, Browns trade up to No. 2 pick and grab Sam...

In an unusual turn of events in Thursday night’s NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns selected former professional basketball player Sam Bowie.

Browns announce bold plan to hire a good coach this time around

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam addressed the media earlier this week and unveiled what he called "a bold plan" that centers around hiring a good coach this time around.

NFL to implement ‘white elephant’ rules in 2020 draft

"We just want to shake things up and keep everyone on their toes throughout the draft, " Goodell stated. "Plus, it's really fun and great for league morale."

Does Baker Mayfield shotgunning a beer give us insight into the Browns offense this...

Many saw the clip as a fun quarterback having fun in his down time, but others looked deeper.

Cavs, Warriors agree to end series early to avoid invitations to White House

“We’ve already won a few,” said Warriors guard Steph Curry, “so we’re good with just packing it in now. We love our fans and it’d be great to add another ring to this hand but I’d rather eat one of LeBron’s socks after an OT loss than have to go to D.C. these days.”