You’ve probably seen the viral clip by now–Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield is shown on camera at the Indians game wearing a Francisco Lindor jersey, someone off-camera tosses him a beer, he bites into it and then shotguns it while going wild the whole time. Many saw the clip as a fun quarterback having fun in his down time, but others looked deeper. 

“I think Baker is playing with us,” Titans coach Mike Vrabel, who the Browns play to open up the season. “There is definitely something to read into here. I think the message is clear, they are going to put Baker in shotgun all day and we have to be prepared.”

“I don’t have any real comment,” said Cleveland head coach Freddie Kitchens. “I mean, yeah, I wish Baker hadn’t given anything away but what’s done is done.”

Mayfield was not available for comment as he was recovering from a record breaking four-minute keg stand.