Monday, July 15, 2024

After watching Jordan doc, Browns trade up to No. 2 pick and grab Sam...

In an unusual turn of events in Thursday night’s NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns selected former professional basketball player Sam Bowie.

Browns announce bold plan to hire a good coach this time around

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam addressed the media earlier this week and unveiled what he called "a bold plan" that centers around hiring a good coach this time around.

Does Baker Mayfield shotgunning a beer give us insight into the Browns offense this...

Many saw the clip as a fun quarterback having fun in his down time, but others looked deeper.

Browns fan actually glad he doesn’t root for Bears

"I thought we were bad. Then I saw some of the Bears-Bucs highlights, and I thought, maybe 0-16 isn't so terrible after all," he said. "At least the Browns know they're not a good team. It's like, hey, we get it. We suck. But Chicago actually went into Tampa Bay confident? And then laid that turd? Wow. Talk about embarrassing."

After signing Mets exec, Browns announce Manziel will be replaced by Matt Harvey

"When the Browns hired me, a baseball executive from the moneyball movement who was the general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers during their second worst season since 1958, to oversea the overhaul of the Cleveland Browns as their Chief Strategy Officer, answerable only to the team president, I knew that they were willing to get their team on track."

Heroic Johnny Manziel jumps off inflatable swan to save hot girl from bad selfie

The man now dubbed "Johnny Hero" jumped off of his inflatable party swan, grabbed the girl’s T-One Mobile Sidekick away from her and then -- while in mid-air -- found time to take a picture of himself giving his patented cash money sign, all before safely landing on a pile of rolled up hundreds he had misplaced earlier in the evening.

Johnny Manziel wins ESPY for Perseverance

Previous recipients played an entire season through unbelievable adversity. However, none of those people could hold a candle to the man who was able to hang like a rock star in Vegas getting drunk on the back of an inflatable swan, all the while never missing a single OTA.