You would think it can’t get any worse than being a Cleveland Browns fan. And you would be wrong, according to Ohio native and lifelong Browns fan Mike Benson.

“I thought we were bad. Then I saw some of the Bears-Bucs highlights, and I thought, maybe 0-16 isn’t so terrible after all,” he said. “At least the Browns know they’re not a good team. It’s like, hey, we get it. We suck. But Chicago actually went into Tampa Bay confident? And then laid that turd? Wow. Talk about embarrassing.”

The news of Alshon Jeffery’s suspension for doping only reinforced Benson’s opinion of the Bears.

“So their biggest playmaker gets suspended after they only score 10 points? And Kyle Long and Jordan Howard are hurt? Yikes,” said Benson. “I’d say you could chalk up Jay Cutler for another 3 or 4 turnovers next week, but that’s taking the under. And I can’t be sure, but I think I saw their coach like sleeping on the sidelines in that 4th quarter.”

Added Benson: “I mean, on some level, the Browns are playing for a number one pick. This is coming from a Browns fan, but I have to ask: Is Chicago’s ownership even paying attention? Maybe they can’t watch the team, either. I just saw the highlights and was like, damn, at least Hue Jackson seems to be trying.”